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Before I begin, to view posts, click “Wedding Prep” in the menu at the top of the page to view my blog posts. Now that that’s out of the way, this blog is being used for all things regarding my wedding.  Now, a bit about me…   My name is Elaine, I’m 44 years old (will be 45 on my wedding day), I’m a geek (which is why this isn’t the only blog I have 🙂 and yeah, I know what petaQ means hahaha), I have a great job, and I’ve found a prince (his name is Brad and he just turned 53 the other day) amongst all the frogs out there…  Neither of us have been married before, but we’ve both been to weddings ;-)  He asked me to marry him June 7th, 2013 (on my birthday!) and I said yes (I think…  Ummmm yeah, I said yes haha).  I didn’t actually decide until recently on a wedding date.  I hadn’t really expected him to ask me and I was happy with the way things were going, but I wasn’t all that surprised either when he asked.  We’ve been together 2.5 years and I couldn’t ask for a better fit.  He’s never once made me cry and that alone tells me a lot about a person right there!  One other thing about me…  I’m a big girl!  What???  Plus-sized brides exist???  Of course we do!  I wish dress makers would take into account that we all don’t fit into a size 26 (and a small 26 at that from what I hear!).  Maybe in the next life, I’ll come back as a clothing designer for plus sized brides of all sizes…

My thought on weddings…  I’m not an attention whore so I don’t like everyone looking at me.  I was never raised believing I would get married so I never imagined what my wedding would be like.  Originally I was going to elope, but family is important to me.  Brad gets along very well with my family too.  I think it would be nice if we were all together on a positive day like a wedding than a negative one like a funeral (which we’ve been having our fair share of :-( ).  Brad has left me to do all the planning (this isn’t a bad thing until I don’t know what it is I want!) and told me just to let him know when and where so he can show up.  We’ll see about that last part!  Just kidding, Brad!  (I know he’ll read this ;-))

OK, so we have the date:  August 15, 2015.  It seems far away, but I know time will fly and that day will come very shortly.  I’ve decided to keep it a very small wedding.  Why?  We’re not Rockefellars…  A few close friends then the rest will be family.  I’ve decided that if I do a late morning wedding, I can have a luncheon after.  What???  No big reception with hot meals that cost a ton of money???  Nope!  I think spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a wedding is crazy.  I have no intention on spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on my funeral either!  But that’s another story.  Most of the guests there aren’t into dancing, so there won’t be a DJ and dance part to it either.

I’ve already done some planning for my wedding so I’ll talk about what I’ve been up to regarding the dress, flowers, food ideas, etc. in separate posts.  It will keep things a little modular (Ooooops!  There’s the code monkey coming out in me!) and I’ll categorize everything so my readers will have a quick way for looking things up.  I have added search functionality to this blog so that can make things a bit quicker.  I welcome comments (not from spammers!!!!) and feel free to use the social media buttons located on all pages and posts. Enjoy!

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  1. I have great experience in wedding planning, please feel free to use me. For starter, I see a nice pink dress fro Brad, and a tux for you Elaine. This advice will be free of charge, the next one…could be a little stiff on the mattress… if you remember what I mean.

    Don’t worry about June making you whiney, in my book, it’s a quality!


    • Hahahaha, Richard! Yes, I remember what you mean and my matress is pretty shallow… Especially after the wedding costs! 😛 As for the quality, you must think I’m very high quality considering how whiney I used to make you! hahaha

  2. I can fully understand the dilemma! I too am + size. Paul surprised me the day before my birthday in 2010 and 3 weeks later we were married. Hoops had to be jumped through, I was married before but not in the Church, so I had to prove my divorce to get the Archbishop’s approval. The Priest thought it was funny. But all was done. Dress bought (not fun when you’re a plus size but got a beautiful one and had a few adjustments made to make a proper fit with the help of an awesome seamstress. The bridal place even gave me the garter free.
    My wedding too was small. Aunts & Uncles; a few first cousins; my brother Jim (best man & “father” of the bride); Paul’s parents and my Mom and of course “US”. Then afterwards our reception was given to us by a friend who owns a restaurant, he even made a strawberry shortcake for our wedding cake.
    This is just to tell you that we didn’t have a huge budget either, but we had a beautiful, simple wedding with our families present and in a Church. We paid approximately $3000 – $3500. And we paid everything ourselves. A big wedding with all the trimmings is awesome if you can afford it, but a beautiful wedding can be had on a budget too! I made one vital error though, I forgot the photographer, but other people took beautiful pictures and gave them to us, and Lorraine’s boyfriend (Denis) made us a beautiful video.
    You don’t have to give up a lot to have a beautiful wedding. It won’t be fancy, but it can and will be elegant and beautiful!

  3. Hey Elaine!

    I did a luncheon wedding, made my own cake, all the desserts (had an afternoon high tea) and got my dress made in China then adjusted it myself. 🙂 I made my own veil, bought a crinoline off kijiji. I did the whole wedding for just under $5000, which I earned while I was a participant in a dust allergy study! The catering of the meal and renting the tent/chairs (in case of bad weather) were the most expensive parts. I made my own wine. Kept numbers to a minimum. Venue was my Dad’s place. My friend made all the bouquets and flowers (her wedding gift to me). Another friend made the centrepieces from flowers/plants in her garden. Vases from dollar shop. My brother was the dj and had the music on his ipod and he took care of speakers etc from a guy he knew (his present to me). My step brother took photos, as did everyone else, I I just collected from them afterwards. Anything I bought for the wedding, I sold afterwards (or returned to the store). Yes, even my dress, veil and crinoline. (I still have my shoes)

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND TENS of THOUSANDS on a wedding! You are a smart and handy girl- so I think you can do this inexpensively! If you want to chat about ideas, I am around!

    Happy to hear a date has been set. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

    Frugal Bride

  4. …and now for some thought on the vows…..I’m thinking “making me sandwiches” should be involved somehow….and I’m thinking the word “obey” ought to be in there…..the funeral should immediately follow the wedding if I try this though….Ah well…we read over something that sounded good to me. Perhaps we will use it. I’ve got all my clothes pretty well ready anyways, so I’m good to go. So..onto food…we should have fun doing that together, and having family and friends enjoying it with us. I hope it is nice that day so we can have the ceremony outside and maybe retire to air-conditioned comfort inside to eat. We will be there a few days beforehand to start things up…I will set up the gazebo, etc.
    considering this all started with a simple question and a planned elopement…well…it kind of snow-balled. It has been said “you only get married once”…untrue…but a first for me and a first for Elaine…this should be an interesting experience for us both! Some have asked “Why bother?” I am in the mind that it shows a level of commitment that not all couples show. Perhaps there is a certain amount of pride also…I just don’t know….but I DO know that Elaine and I are happy together. We have some long-range plans that require both of us to be together…we hope to make them a reality. Together…we will.

  5. Not quite June yet…and we have a lot of flower bulbs in. More to go. I found it a bit difficult turning the soil for the new beds…but it is pretty well done.With the help of a new cultivator we should be able to maintain them. I have to get into the mindset that SOME things stay in the ground and do not want to be disturbed…others I have to dig out in the fall. Also, the garden is going in…slow but sure…by August 15th we should be seeing some results. Elaine wants a lot of pretty flowers around the grounds…we are trying the best we can. She WILL have them…it’s just a matter of growing them well…and I’m doing the best I know how.
    It’s all in the details….so…recipes being tried out, decorations being gathered, certain things being bought now to use then….it’s adding up. Financial concerns? As always! 🙂 We just continue on…best we can do. All in all…I think things will go along well. We got the wine started….I kind of figured we should have started that bit sooner…but…it will be ok anyways. Yes…making our own from a good kit…and we get to make the labels too!
    All this is important to Elaine…but we are having fun with it too…and yes, dear…it IS important to me also. 🙂

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