After the Event

I finally have some time to update this and actually remembering to do so!  Sorry for the 2 year delay 😉

Before the wedding I had delegated some tasks to my stepchildren to be, husband, one of my maids of honour  (Wendy), her hubby, and kids and they carried out everything very well.  Parking was roped off to make sure people didn’t park where it would interfere with pictures.  I had my stepdaughter create some signs using supplies I got at the Dollar Tree.  Tables were put out,  decorations went up, the “arch” was strung in the trees.   Fortunately my uncle came down a day or two before the wedding day and cut the lawn for us and also cut a path down to the river (we have a beach) which we hadn’t planned on using for the wedding, but it was pretty good thinking on my uncle’s part in the end.  Wendy treated me to a mani/pedi that Friday (T minus 1 haha).  We all had a bit of a rehearsal to prepare us for the next day.  We had a big pork loin in the slow cooker all day but if I remember correctly, we didn’t eat until late that night.  I went to bed somewhere around 1am, was exhausted, and Wendy was coming back early that morning (like 7ish) to help with some of the last minute stuff.

It was foggy the morning of the wedding.   Wendy got here early as promised and I woke up just in time!  Wow, I was tired.  It was really foggy and I was a little worried because I didn’t know exactly how the weather would cooperate.  We got all the audio/video stuff set up, tables, chairs, last minute decorations, and other preparations then finally I had to let everything go to get ready for the ceremony.  I did my own hair as I had practiced many times, did my own make-up, got into the gown.  People were starting to arrive outside.  Both my maids of honour were there helping me with everything and looking after some details they didn’t want me worrying about.  My friend, Johanne, arrived a little late with the flowers and wedding cake.  She did such a great job of both!  Even my dog and her “boyfriend” were able to attend! 🙂

It was cloudy until after most of the pictures had been taken post-ceremony which was really good because had it been out all that time, I would have been a puddle of sweat somewhere on the lawn.  A friend of mine had volunteered to be our photographer.  She had a DSLR camera and took some fantastic shots.  The day was busy and long, but it was soooooo good.  It was so nice to have family and friends around for an occasion where everyone was having a good time.  I still have wedding pics as my screensaver at work because everytime I see them, I get a good feeling.  Not because I got married.  Not because we threw a party.  Not because we spent scads of money.  But because everyone was smiling and having a good time.  It warms the cockles of my heart!

Oh and that path my uncle mowed going to the beach?  Yeah, a few adults and a bunch of kids decided to investigate that!  They loved it!
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